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DePaul University Special Collections and Archives

Eisenschiml Collection

Ex libris Otto Eisenschiml

Otto Eisnschiml's bookplate.

Born in Vienna, Austria, Otto Eisenschiml came to United States in 1901 after studying at the Vienna Polytechnic Institute. During his lifetime, he was a chemist, an industrialist, a historian, a lecturer and an author of many books and pamphlets on Lincoln and the Civil War. In 1964, Eisenschiml’s collection of approximately 1,000 titles on Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War were donated to DePaul by his son-in-law, Benjamin J. Gingiss. In 1979, several titles were transferred from the circulating collection to Special Collections.

Cover illustration of The great conspiracy

Cover illustration.  The Great Conspiracy. A Book of Absorbing Interest! Startling Developments. Eminent Persons Implicated. Full Secret of the Assassination Plot. John H. Surratt and his Mother. With Biographical Sketches of J.B. Boothe and John Wilkes. and the Life and Extraordinary Adventures of John H. Surratt, the Conspirator. Philadelphia, Barclay & Co. [1866] 

SpC. 973.7092 G786b1886

Abraham Lincoln

Frontispiece portrait pf Abraham Lincoln from: Brockett, Linus Pierpont. The Life and Times of Abraham Lincoln, Sixteenth President of the United States. Including his Speeches, Messages, Inaugurals, Proclamations, etc., etc. By L.P. Brockett ... Philadelphia, Bradley & Co.; Rochester, N.Y., R.H. Curran; [etc., etc.] 1865. SPC. 973.7 B864L1865