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Color photograph of Philip, Jerome, and Daniel Berrigan.

Black and white photograph of children at a demonstration holding an anti-nuclear poster.

Color photograph of protest in Washington, D.C. Foreground depicts taxi cab, center depicts protestors holding "No More Nagasakis" banner, and background depicts white government building.

Black and white photograph of police arresting protestors on the blood-spattered steps of the Pentagon at the "The Mission" at the Pentagon.

Color photograph of breach in fence near water to infiltrate the government facilities where nuclear weapons are housed.

Color photograph of blood splattered on a metal device from Pax Christi-Spirit of Life Plowshares.

Newspaper clipping of Elizabeth McAlister and Philip Berrigan in the living room of Jonah House.

Black and white photograph of seated protestors gathered outside of the Pentagon where posters spelling "TEMPLE OF DEATH" are hung on the columns in front of the entrance, flanked by police officers. Protestors also threw ashes to commemorate theā€¦

Black and white photograph of Catonsville 9 supporters. Central figure holds poster that reads: "The 'Nine' took the wind out of that draft!"

Color photograph of Plowshares protestor raising sledgehammer over the device.
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