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20th Century holy card depicting St. Vincent de Paul and a group of Daughters of Charity in the foreground. St. Vincent is pointing over a body of water, toward a hazy background of huts and palm trees.

Engraving of the galley La Rèale, the flagship of the French navy. Built in 1694, during the reign of of Louis XIV, it was reserved for the General of the Galleys.

The hull of La Rèale measured approximately 170 feet long and 21 feet wide. It…

Broadside presenting the case for sainthood of Pedro Borguny Castelló (1628-1654). Pedro Borguny Castelló was a Mallorcan who was enslaved in Algiers after being captured by the Turks while at sea. To avoid being sent to Constantinople, he agreed to…

Engraving of a galley

Engraving of a galley.

An early engraving of Saint Vincent, included in the first edition of his first biography, written shortly after his death by Bishop Louis Abelly.

This engraving was based on a portrait by Simon François de Tours, painted during the saint's…

19th century engraving of Saint Vincent speaking on behalf of the galley slaves in the French city of Marseille. Saint Vincent became Chaplain-General of the Galleys in 1622, while working for the General of the Galleys of France, Philippe-Emmanuel…



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