Acknowledgements and References

The items selected for this exhibit are from the department of Special Collections and Archives and were on display in DePaul University's John T. Richardson Library from January to June, 2013.  All item captions were written by Helen Fedchak, former DePaul University Special Collections and Archives Assistant. The introductory text was written by Andrew Rea, Vincentian Collections Librarian. The section captions were written by Michael Donovan. The exhibit poster, seen in the introduction section, was designed by Alexis Burson. The exhibit was curated and installed by the Exhibits Committee.

This digital exhibit was organized and produced by Michael Donovan, Image Collection Supervisor, in June 2013.

The digitization of the letters, photographs and objects was completed by staff members in the Department of Digitization Services, supervised by Michael Donovan, Image Collection Supervisor.  Descriptive metadata for each item in the exhibit was entered into DePaul University Libraries instance of CONTENTdm by Helen Fedchak and Kevin Endres, DePaul University Libraries Digital Metadata Assistant.  DePaul University Libraries Cataloger, Renata Schneider, assigned subject headings to each item and performed a review of all descriptive metadata assigned.