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DePaul University Special Collections and Archives

Noted Chicago Book Collectors

Elephant and the bookseller

"Fable X, The Elephant and the Bookseller"
Gay, John. Fables. By Mr. Gay. London, Printed for J. Tonson and J. Watts, 1727-38.
SPC. 821 G285FT
- Gift of Abel E.  Berland.

Alumnus and trustee, Abel Berland, began his connection with DePaul University in the 1930s when he was accepted to DePaul’s College of Law after denied admission elsewhere, due to quotas on Jewish students. When his family ran short of tuition money, DePaul aided his financial needs. Once established in a highly successful career, Berland pursued his love of books by collecting fine editions of masterpieces and classics. He never forgot how DePaul helped him earn the privilege of collecting his rare library. As a member of the Board of Trustees, Berland was an early and influential supporter of the creation of a Special Collections Department at DePaul University. The name of the reading room attests to his contributions in materials and funds.

Pierce Butler is best known for his role as Rare Book Curator for the Newberry Library’s John M. Wing Foundation on the History of Printing from 1916-1919 and as a professor in the Graduate Library School at the University of Chicago from 1931-1951. Fluent in 7 languages, Butler traveled extensively to procure rare books for institutions, as well as his own library. Bulter's exact relationship with DePaul University Libraries is unclear. However, Rev. Redmond Burke, C.S.V., DePaul Library Director (1948-1967), had a wide ranging interest in building special collections at DePaul and was known for his collegiality amongst other collectors and institutions.

Samuel Johnson from the original picture in the possession of James Boswell, Esq.

Frontispiece illustration of Samuel Johnson.
Boswell, James. The Life of Samuel Johnson, comprehending an account of his studies and numerous works in chronological order; a series of his epistolary correspondence and conversations with many eminent persons; and various original pieces of his composition never before published ... 1st ed. London, Printed by Henry Baldwin, for Charles Dilly, 1791. SPC. 824 J69YBB
- Gift of Abel Berland.

Ex Libris Abel E. Berland

Ex Libris Abel E. Berland.

Abel Berland, Rev. Comerford O’Malley, C.M. and John J. Mack with a gift to the Abel Berland Scholarship Fund, 1973.

Abel Berland, Rev. Comerford O’Malley, C.M. and John J. Mack with a gift to the Abel Berland Scholarship Fund, 1973.

Hierusalem C. D.

Map of Jerusalem from:
Zuallart, Jean. Il deuotissimo viaggio di Gierusalemme : fatto, e descritto in sei libri / dal signor Giouanni Zuallardo, Caualiere del Santiss. Sepolcro di N.S. l’anno MDLXXXVI ; aggiontiui i disegni in rame di varij luoghi di terra S. & altri paesi. Di nuouo ristampato, e corretto. In Roma : Appresso Domenico Basa, MDXCV [1595]. SpCR. 910.4 Z93d1595
-Gift of Pierce Butler.